Bomb Proof

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A New Look At An Old Idea...

“Bomb Proof”

By Colin Rose & Trevor Liley

 A Mentalist Colour Divination Effect

Tricks with Snooker Balls and Colour Divination Effects have long been part of ‘The Magic Repertoire’’ and mentalism is more popular than ever these days for magicians working in Stage, Parlour, Cabaret and more recently Corporate Events & Venues... this routine offers great audience participation, and is a real ‘Reputation’ maker for Stand Up Performers using ‘patter’, Comedy or a Traditional Parlour Séance Presentation...this fabulous effect ticks every box from ‘aesthetics’ right through to the performance itself... after many hours of development Colin Rose  has built the ‘ultimate’ Ball Divination and taken this ‘Classic of Magic’ to a new level and into the 21st Century with some unique & cunning additions and refinements making this a real ‘fooler’, much easier to present and as the name suggests, from a performance perspective ...”Bomb Proof”...

Five Coloured Billiard Balls are displayed on a beautiful wooden stand, the Magician turns his back and the Spectator is asked to choose a ball and place it into a designated pocket, the spectator continues to select each of the balls of his own choice and place them in his remaining pockets until there are none left. ‘With the power of his Mind’ the Magician is able to tell the spectator which ball is in which pocket and which order they were chosen...* This can also be done with a female spectator, giver her your Jacket to wear! ...or ...use numbered bags for example

This brand new Edition from Five of Hearts Magic features the signature high standard of craftsmanship & detail from Colin Rose, with long elegant lines, box joints and turned details made entirely in African Sapeli  (a beautiful hardwood)make this a gorgeous piece of apparatus to present to your audience and truly delightful to work with...with real 2” Snooker Balls set into custom turned display rings , every part expertly developed and devised ready for your ‘Ultimate Colour Divination’ Presentation... this solid and robust prop is designed to  be ‘worked’ in the real world, and is a worthy Collector’s Item to enjoy whenever you do your Magic....It has been built with ‘working magician’s’ in mind ,but it will also be a joy for our Friends In Magic who are not professional’s but just love beautiful magic.

“Bomb Proof” is a fantastic routine and baffling addition it’s easy to do with no sleight or skill required to bring about a truly amazing performance. There is a Clip Board supplied (*not shown in the photograph) as part of the routine...BUT...may be used if you wish, beforehand as part of another mentalist Routine.

No Electrics

No ‘Hit & Miss’ Mechanical Devices

It is just PURE MAGIC

Trevor Liley has joined forces with Colin and brings his many years of experience as one of the UK’s Top Trade Show Magician’s working for the biggest & most prestigious Corporate Clients worldwide...Trevor gives his presentation ideas to you that are both tried & tested and proven to be successful in the competitive & demanding world of Trade Show Magic.

Custom Made Issue and made to Order.

You Receive:

Elegant Display Box with ‘Lift Off’ Lid

Five Coloured Snooker Balls

Clip Board* Not shown

Marker Pen

Manufacturers Notes by Colin Rose

Routine & Presentation Ideas by Trevor Liley

Carry Case

Everything you need has been supplied for your ‘Bomb Proof’ Performance, all you have to do now is simply add the Entertainment...

Have Fun!!

Colin Rose

*This is a Custom Issue/ Limited Edition and is  made to Order

**Lead In Time Approximately 4 Weeks

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