Classic Coin Stand (Dollar Edition)

Product Code: FOHM/FOH78

* The New Classic Coin Stand *Dollar Edition

As part of the new Victorian Range of Magic Effects “The Classic Coin Stand” is Without doubt a worthy inclusion…used for many years as a ‘standard’, offering The Magician a versatile and creative accessory to vanish coins in a simple and yet highly visual and entertaining way…this elegant piece of magical apparatus has been made in polished Mahogony…with a beautiful ‘Arabian Nights’ inspired scroll pattern at the front which draws the eye to the ultra thin stand which is made to conceal four American Dollars (or Large Palming Coins)…….

This beautiful routine of ‘Vanishing’ the four Coins in a seemingly impossible way has all the Elements of skill and ‘sleight of hand’…but is very easy to perform….and when used in conjunction with a ‘Four Coin Production’…….this is the perfect ‘vanish’ to close………your Coin Magic Routine.

* This Coin Stand has benefited from further development and has a unique design element added by Colin... where as in many cases the coins often 'talk' as they dissapear , with the Five of Hearts Coin Stand the 'coin vanish' is silent making your performance all the more amazing & magical!

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