'El Grande' 16\" Ebony Wand

Product Code: FOHM/FOH103

"El Grande" 16" Ebony Wand with Alternative Ivory Ends

The "El Grande" is a beautiful hand turned Ebony Wand measuring an elegant 16 inches in length with contrasting Alternative Ivory Ends...Classic in design and undertstated in every way apart from the delicate rounded shoulders at each end where the Ebony Wood joins The Alternative Ivory and an Ebony 'Pip' detail inlaid in the center of each end in complete aesthetic harmony. The Wand Stock is solid Ebony and the Ivory Ends have a steel fixing which adds the necessary weight for 'spins' & 'flourishes' in your performance...the Wand is presented in our signature Red Corduroy Bag

The "El Grande" is both a robust Wand designed for performance as well as a wonderful addition to your Magic Collection..., another wand made from one of nature’s hardest and most durable woods...to complement and enhance any Cups & Balls Performance...

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