Hoffman Coin Wand American Dollar Edition

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The Original Five of Hearts Magic ‘Hoffman Coin Wand’ (Half Dollar Edition) was and still is the best available...this classic mechanical wand was unavailable for a long time...previously the ‘Dollar’ Issue was only available from Colin as a custom order, but we have now added this ‘Classic of Magic’ to our Collection and you can now order the ‘Dollar Edition’ from our on-line store...this issue is more suited to the larger ‘Stage & Cabaret Performances of ‘Misers Dream’ offering a more visual and magical presentation...As before this new edition is beautifully made to the original design of Professor Hoffman in 'Modem Magic' Faithfull in its reproduction, the coin is minutely engineered, having been cut at 45 degrees in three pieces, emerging from a hollow wand, giving the appearance of a solid coin production... and the vanish works in reverse. An absolute 'must' for 'The Misers Dream' Routine allowing you to produce an endless stream of coins seemingly from thin air...you only have to view the Great 'Al Flosso' to see what can be done with this fabulous piece of Magic Apparatus...this brand new edition is also a worthy inclusion to any Magic Collection.

Routine Notes by Patrick Page.

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