Hopper (Red Edition)

Product Code: FOHM/FOH33

“So often when I have been booked for ‘Close Up’ & ‘Table Hopping’ work, approaching each table and creating ‘Performance Space’ is not always as easy as you would like…When my good friend James Cooper brought this idea to me I was instantly able to see the benefits of this fabulous accessory…being able to just walk up and attach it to a table of your choice was a ‘Close Up’ magician’s dream come true! No more clearing of plates, glasses and cutlery…leave that job to the waitresses! And more importantly no more bulging pockets. Simply flip over the Perspex Table Top and you are ready to begin, instantly creating a safe place for all your props and routines, and an elevated performance space that is raised up from the table surface and everyone can see ‘the magic’ quite clearly…This accessory is stylish and practical and will revolutionize Close Up & Strolling Magic to another level…”

This simple but brilliantly practical idea has to be the latest ‘must have item’ for any ‘Close Up Magician’ who works regularly at Restaurants, Bars and any ‘Close Up’ Venue where you are working to tables…This specially designed accessory features a circular PETG durable Perspex Table Top, which creates an instant ‘performance area ‘ without having to move glasses and cutlery clear first….the Signature Red Corduroy  Bag attached to ‘The Hopper’ , keeps all your props safe and easily accessible during your performance…and  ‘The Hopper’ frame which has been made from Aluminum just clips onto  the edge of any table top or bar, allowing you to stroll around the room or Bar area with ease…the frame is fitted with small rubber studs which keep the frame stable and safe to use on the table edges without damage…after your show “The Hopper” flat packs into your  briefcase for safe keeping and ready for your next performance…

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