Ring A Ring A Rosie * Pocket Edition

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Ring A Ring A Rosie * Pocket Edition

Ring a Ring a Rosie & Ring Vanish re-visited …

Several Years ago as part of our Patrick Page Millennium Collection we put out this simple but stunning piece of magic, easy to perform and it became one of our most popular effects … especially when we visited the NMU Magicians in Holland where everyone in attendance bought one!!

This is a beautiful piece of Magical Apparatus that will leave your audience spellbound... a spectator vanishes their own finger ring only to have it re-appear inside a sealed Perspex tube on the stem of a Red Rose! All you have to do is return the ring and collect your well deserved applause.

The routine was originally worked for a Cabaret/Stage venue where you could pick out a ‘special lady’, Birthday Girl, Bride etc... and feature her as the star of the performance…however it has enormous potential as a ‘strolling effect’ ideal for table magic or more intimate performance situations by using your Jacket Pocket … everything is the same as the ‘Patrick Page ‘ Original only‘pocket sized’…

Patrick Page reveals this very clever self-working routine in comprehensive notes supplied with this 'must have' effect. Very versatile with many applications... but is strongest when used with a 'real' Red Rose and delivered to a special lady! This is one of our best sellers!

The 'Ring Vanish' compliments The Ring a Ring a Rosie to perfection and allows you to perform a miracle with confidence... sighting a choice of rings and enhancing the above routine... no sleight of hand needed. Ring a Ring a Rosie and Ring Vanish, sold together as a complete working effect.

Measures Approx: 7" in Length
You Receive A Wand, Perspex Tube with Wooden Caps
Ring Vanish

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