Silk Wand

Product Code: FOHM/FOH 105

Five of Hearts ‘Silk Wand’

By Colin Rose

Silk Wands have been in existence for many years and there are various methods available, this particular Wand is both simple and practical to use and allows you to focus completely on your presentation and give your full attention to your young audiences...

The Metal Wand has been made in the Classic style with a black stock and white ends, and with the simple mechanism inside the wand you are able to vanish & produce Silks from either end...

Here are just a few ideas:

Vanishing & Re-Appearance of a Rainbow Silk

Appearance of Two Rainbow Silks

Magical Appearance of a Silk in an empty Cup or Change Bag

Production of a Silk in your bare hand

Vanish, Produce and transport a Silk *with the use of a Thumb Tip

Comedy Production of a silk at ‘the wrong’ end of your wand

There are countless ways that this Wand can be used and it is limited only by your own imagination and creativity, the Wand itself is a quality item which can be built into your current show to add valuable minutes and audience participation...

Length: 13” approximately

Presented in our Signature Corduroy Bag

*Silks Not Provided

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