Steam Punk...Comes to Five of Hearts

This sub-genre that typically features science fiction, steam powered machinery, incorporating The Industrial Revolution, The American Wild West, Jules Verne inspired creations and Victorian Era styles, technology, architecture and historical fiction ... opens up a million different avenues of creativity for any craftsman or Colin combines his skills working with both wood & metal to create a distinctive new look and style to some of our magic creations. Each piece different and no two issues the same, a unique and personal interpretation from the maker...a style & perspective for you engage with and take forward to your own Magic Performance...This new Collection will feature many of our signature pieces with the promise of a few new surprises for you to use in your Magic. As a creator, what appeals most about this new ‘Steam Punk’ theme is that there are no rules which have to be followed, or barriers to limit the creativity or development ,offering the maker unlimited possibilities to bring Magic to this wonderful, surreal and amazing fantasy world of Steam Punk...

Some of you may ask ‘What is It’, others may ask ‘Why...What does it Do’ ... Steam Punk is neither... It just Is ... and that is probably the reason why we have decided to do it!

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