The 'Black Rod' Wand

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“Black Rod”...Solid African Blackwood Wand
Since 1361 the Crown Appointment of “The Gentleman Usher of The Black Rod” is an Officer of The Order of The Garter and of The House of Lords.... He plays a leading role in Parliamentary Ceremonial and is in charge of supervising the administration of the House of Lords. As a ceremonial officer it is he who summons the House of Commons to hear the Queen's Speech at the State Opening of Parliament. The first record of Black Rod summoning the Commons dates back to 1614. In 1641 Black Rod is said to have rushed into the Commons without his rod and entered before he was called in. To this the Commons took offence. One year later was the failed attempt of Charles I to arrest the five members, and since then the Commons have demanded that Black Rod knock three times before they admit him to their chamber. Black Rod's Staff, the ebony stick from which he takes his name, was originally employed for awarding the Order of the Garter. The origins of Black Rod's office can be traced back to King Edward III's reign when the knights of the realm assembled at Windsor for many festivals and processions. As the knights moved from one part of the Castle to another, they were led by an usher who carried a black rod. However, there is little recorded before the seventeenth century as to what his particular duties were. Black Rod's duties primarily remain close to those originally specified in the Statute of the Order of the Garter of 1522. He is responsible for maintaining order within the House, is secretary to the Lord Chamberlain and also has varied ceremonial duties. These include garter ceremonies, occasionally carrying the Mace before the Lord Chancellor when he enters the House at the beginning of a sitting, and of course the summoning of the House of Commons on behalf of the Sovereign at the State Opening of Parliament...

Our ‘Black Rod’ Wand is the ultimate in classic style and distinguished by its simplicity... a beautiful slim turned rod of solid African Blackwood with invisible brass weights at either end of this exquisitely turned each end there is a subtle turned detail with no further adornment allowing the fabulous polished finish of this wonderful exotic wood to stand out and speak for itself...Measuring approx 13” in length and presented in our Signature Red Corduroy Bag, this new addition to our Wand Collection is designed for the working Magician , offering a wand made from one of nature’s hardest and most durable complement and enhance any Cups & Balls Performance...

*Special Boxed Edition Available on request 

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