The Bullet Wand

Product Code: FOHM/FOH102

* Last Summer we issued this beautiful Wand as a Limited Edition, but due to popular demand we have decided to add this to our 'Wand Collection' and make it available on the Website


“The Bullet Wand “

Inspired by 'Willard the Wizard' & Made by Colin Rose

In complete contrast we have another new Hand Turned Wand which has spent Nickel Plated Winchester 308 Shell Cases on each end ...We take our original inspiration for this issue from 'Willard the Wizard', a Texas Showman/Magician who travelled from town to town with a traditional Tent Show; working with his Family and making all his own props & illusions. He was , it has to be said , no craftsman, but he made himself a wand out of a piece of dowel and used brass bullet shells as the wand ends which like Robert Houdin, this wand served him very well for the duration of his magical career...


*The wand will be made from quality Hard Wood and Spent Shell Cases at each end



Length: 12” (Approx)

Presented in our Signature Red Corduroy Bag

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