The De Luxe Close Up Drawer

Product Code: FOHM/VIC38

This Brand New 'Commission Only' Item recently added to the 'A Kind of Magic' Range is something that many 'Close Up' Magicians will enjoy…. A Quality Hand Crafted 'Close Up Mat' enclosed in a beautiful Hard Wood (Mahogany) Surround with Veneer Inlay detail.… angled to sit proud of the table you are 'working' on.... elevating your 'performance' and creating a 'magical focus' for your Audience before you even begin!..... Concealed under the surface area is a Drawer which can be opened to reveal your Cards, Sponge Balls, Card Box, Coins etc A Stunning & Stylish Close Up Area for you to perform your miracles..... combined with a practical and safe storage area for your Close Up Material.... Once again Colin has used his skill as a craftsman and a Magician in this delightful addition to our High End & Collectable Range of Magic.

*(Commission Only - Editions may differ slightly from the photographed version)


*Please Note this item has now been discontinued and a new edition will be added to the Website later this year..

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