The Enchanted Coin Wand * American Dollar Edition

Product Code: FOH/FOHM 126

The Enchanted ‘Money Wand’ * American Dollar Edition


“Deep in the heart of The Enchanted Forest there is a magical tree that grows money coins… The Magician discovered this amazing tree one day while he was travelling to his next Show…lying on the ground was a small branch, it had broken off the tree… the Magician picked it up and decided it would make a nice magic wand… he waived it once, and nothing happened … he waived it a second time and suddenly a bright Silver Coin appeared on the end of the branch… The Magician decided to try a third time and once again a bright Silver Coin appeared… “Well “said The Magician … “Money really does grow on trees” … feeling very pleased with himself The Magician continued his journey and feeling very grateful for his good fortune…”

 This brand new Coin Wand uses the same principal as The Hoffman Coin Wand, simple and easy to use... but has been expertly crafted by Colin to look like a small branch, by adding your own magical story to go with the ‘Money Tree’ theme this new and original coin production is perfect for Children’s Shows…watch the coins appear one after the other ... use to teach the value of money, create a fairy story of your own or have the 'money' theme running through your Show... this item is only limited by your own creativity and imagination...


If you would like to ‘shake the money tree ‘this is how you do it …

The Enchanted Money Wand comes in both American Half Dollar & American Dollar Editions; they are presented in our Signature Corduroy Bags.

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