'The Ghost'Card Fountain (2011)

Product Code: FOH/FOH81

 "The Ghost " Card Fountain

** New Release February 2011 **

Working on the premise of keeping your magic as simple as possible so you can concentrate solely on your performance, Colin has re-designed a new version of his Card Fountain using a simple mechanical timing mechanism which offers the same height and impact of this classic ‘Fountain of Cards’ shooting high into the air as part of your Magic Presentation...this latest issue runs on (8 x AA Batteries), with a 6m Clear Perspex Houlette & Housing,it has a (manual) 10 -12 Second delay...compact and neatly designed for a variety of magical presentations .This gorgeous new release is both magical because all the moving parts are visible , and also very practical, as you can see exactly when the cards will shower during performance...

See Video for Demonstration


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*Batteries Not Included

* This Card Fountain is Not Remote Controlled

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