The Heritage Pocket Tricks (4)

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The Heritage Pocket Tricks (4)

(A Craftsman’s Alternative to the Plastic Editions)

Many of these traditional wooden pocket tricks go back at least a 100 years if not more, designed not so much for ‘magic’ as such; but for the old fashioned after dinner entertainment in the Victorian Drawing Rooms…later on they appeared in the Magic Catalogues that were put out by the Magic Dealers (particularly after the War) and were absorbed into the ‘Close Up’ Magic Genre. These days, sadly most of them appear in Christmas Crackers and Magic Sets but their original charm and beauty has been lost to the bright coloured plastic versions that they tend to be made of now…

We have over the years included some of these items in our own bespoke Magic Boxed Sets but felt it would be a nice idea to put out a smaller set of some of the more well known and cherished of these ‘Pocket Treasures’ that we all love and enjoy…

Perfect for a quick impromptu performance for Family & Friends … four little pocket tricks in one bag and ready to go when you are…

Jumping Peg

Obedient Ball (* Real Billiard Ball)

The Imp Bottle

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