The 'Ridge' Chop Cup

Product Code: FOH/FOHM123

The ‘Ridge ‘Chop Cup….

As with so many of our products they begin as a ‘commission’ and this was recently requested as an alternative design …This beautiful Chop Cup takes its name from the three prominent shoulders/ridges that are integral to this particular cup… the rolled edge on the underside of the cup allows for a smooth sliding action across the close up mat, the central ridge around the middle of the cup gives controlled ‘handling’ and the rolled edge around the top of the cup has a slight recess which provides a perfect surface to spin your final load ball with flourish and panache!!...

Made from Mahogany with Pyrography detail to reflect the ‘ridge’ design, the cup is presented in our Signature Corduroy Bag and includes a set of Chop Cup Balls & a Final Load Ball/Colour Change…

Height: Approx 3 ¾ “
Cup Opening: 3”

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